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Clip System
The CLIP System
.... check list methodology that will revolutionise your life

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A little about the CLIP SYSTEM!!

is a methodology used in drawing up and implementing a check list to control "whatever" it is YOU want to control from:

* Job functions
* Staff functions
* Social items
* Childrens programmes
* Functions
* Special occassions
* Travel
* Educational programmes

This CLIP SYSTEM is designed to ensure all functions in the process or items that need remembering are registered on the check list and handled timeously.

The Book "The CLIP System" written by Shan Cade, provides a CD of check list examples you will find handy and can be adjusted to suit your particular scenario or activity. This book has been launched - contact Shan on info@harmieandshanie.com for further information and details.

Doing things TIMEOUSLY and ensuring EVERY item that needs to be done is done, is a HUGE part of life today if we want to keep "in the market" so to speak with excellent service and reliability. This does not just mean it relates to business only; this also covers our personal "image" ensuring we are winners on a consistent basis.

Memories do fail, no matter how good they are for many reasons and if we want to maintain continuity of service to clients or stability in our own lives we need to ensure that everything is remembered all the time.

The CLIP SYSTEM facilitates this - the pressure is off and life becomes far less stressful.

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